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Prayer for the Blood Angel - soft cover-

War is coming. An untested young queen holds the key. Can she lead the people to victory?  

In the distant future, a new form of an old and deadly religion ravages mankind. Its followers have recruited an ancient race to purify the Worlds of the unclean, the nonbelievers, once and for all. The future rests on the shoulders of the young queen, Arial, who must find the strength to realise her potential. If she fails, the annihilation of the Worlds is a certainty.

She must rise above a swirling maelstrom of betrayal, sacrifice, and intrigue before the war draws to a bloody end. A war where mages will test the very limits of the physical realm, daemons will walk among the living, elvin clans will cleave through shadow, and the blood angels will rain down terror.

Is the courage of one young woman enough to save them all?


Prayer for the Blood Angel is the first book in the Worlds fantasy series.

If you enjoy dragons, vampires, magic, and sword and spell wielding warriors from all corners of the imagination, then you’ll enjoy Chantelle Roberts’ epic tale, Prayer for the Blood Angel.

Follow Arial as she makes the ultimate sacrifice. Pick up your copy today.  



A Saumanese Moon Runner clan harbours a great secret, powerful enough to bring the Worlds to their knees. Who will be the first to fall?

It has been twenty years since the war against the shadow. The vampire nation stands on the brink of civil war, immortal warriors burn upon the funeral pyres, and the daemons grow restless. Kieran, the young and ambitious elvin king, tries to restore civility but succeeds only in opening the gate for something far more sinister. It is left to those who deal in death and dreams to stand against the ever hungry. If they fail, none will be spared the slaughter.

Can they stand together, or will they fall one by one to the empty promises of a radical king and the evil he has amassed in his wake?


Moon Runner is the second book in the Worlds fantasy series.

If you enjoy vampires, werewolves and witches, and sinister demon princes, then you’ll enjoy Chantelle Roberts’ epic tale, Moon Runner.

Follow Kieran as he tests the boundaries between mortal and immortal. Pick up your copy today.  

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