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Prayer for the Blood Angel

In the distant future, a new form of an old, deadly religion ravages mankind. Its followers, the Men of Adam, have recruited an ancient race to purify the universe of the unclean, the nonbelievers, once and for all. The future of freethinkers everywhere rests on the shoulders of the young queen, Arial, who must find the strength to realize her potential. If she fails, the annihilation of the Worlds is a certainty.

She must rise above a swirling maelstrom of betrayal, sacrifice and intrigue to save her people. Before the war draws to its bloody end, armies will be destroyed, mages will test the very limits of the physical realm, Daemons will walk among the living, elvin clans will cleave through shadow, and the Blood Angels will rain down terror.

Is the courage of one young woman enough to save the Worlds?

Moon Runner

It has been twenty years since the war against the shadow. The malachi nation stands on the brink of civil war, immortal cleya warriors burn upon the funeral pyres and the Daemons grow restless.

Kieran, the young and ambitious Elvin King, tries to restore civility amongst the dark and brutal Worlds but succeeds only in opening the gate for something far more sinister...

It is left to those who deal in death and dreams to stand against the ever hungry. If they fail,none will be spared the slaughter. Can they stand together or will they fall one by one to the empty promises of a radical king and the evil he has amassed in his wake?


It’s big. It’s a large scale-epic fantasy, which duel-wields genres nicely, pulling in the scope and scale of sci-fi and the intricacy and delight of fantasy. I like big, epic, fantasies which have immersive worlds and relatable characters and are a bit dark and bloody, because in world ending wars, yes people do die messily.

"Prayer for the Blood Angel" reads with the novelty of "Brave New World", the reliability of "The Lord of the Rings" and the pure otherworldly nostalgia of "The Dark Tower" - but amazingly, it completely avoids being derivative. The quality of the writing is superb - the easy-to-read and understated yet elegant prose of a young author publishing her first work - and the story maintains its structure and poise under a complex and engrossing plot. 

I enjoyed many a sleep-deprived night as I happily chased the “one more page” bug and I thoroughly recommend any fantasy and science fiction fan give Prayer for the Blood Angel a look.


Abigail Godsell

Matthew DuPlessis



Chantelle Roberts studied environmental management and zoology at the University of South Africa. She spends her time reading, writing and promoting her two novels; Prayer for the Blood Angel and Moon Runner, and currently resides in Great Britain.





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